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106 N. Main St – Spagnola Building
This building was erected in 1892 by Joseph Spagnola.  From 1902-1934 it served as Spagnola’s Fruit and Vegetables & Ice Cream Parlor.  In 1910 they added a popcorn wagon and in 1918 they added a delivery truck to the business.  From 1940-1977 it was home to Kellock Men’s Furnishings, a men’s clothing store.  1979 to 1986 it served as a book and record store.  Most recently 1993-2005 it was home to Studio 106.

102 N. Main St – Day Building
In 1885 a small building was erected by James Day and Ira Wheelcok.  They rented it to the Federal Government for use as a post office until 1892.  In 1903 the small building was moved and in its footprint the current building was built.  From 1903-1908 it was home of the Palace Drug Store.  From 1907 to 1914 the second floor was home to Dr. L.A. Gilfilan Dental Office.  Approx. 1907 to 1915 it served as the Orpheum (Chrystal) Theater.  In 1917 JB Day sold the building to Rudolph Herman.  In 1920 Mrs. Herman sold to Spagnola brothers.  1920 to 1938 the building again became a United States Post Office.  From 1952 to 1988 it served as various shoe stores, Dunlop Shoe Store, Niemann Shoe Store, Robert’s Shoe Store, Ray’s Shoe store, and Village Peddler Shoe store.   In 2002 it became part of the Mole Hole Gift Store. 

100 N. Main St. – The Welsch building
The Welsch building was built in 1900 and run as the Welsch Saloon.  According to the newspaper at the time it was known as the finest building on Main Street.  In 1902 Anton Welsch traded his saloon property to Joseph Schwartz of Schwartz Brewery for the Krenn farm of 215 acres in the town of Addison.  The next day he sold the farm to JB Day for $12,000.  The building was run as a saloon until 1920 when it was sold to George Luttripp Clothier.  From 1920 until 1990 it served as various clothing stores, Hartford Men’s Wear, Delaney’s Men’s Clothes, Herro’s Tot-n-Teen Shop, Poise n’ Ivy Men’s Apparel, Mode-O’Day, and Sears.  In 1990 it became the Painted Lady Gallery and Bookstore.  Most recently it was the Mole Hole Gift Store. 

​The Welsch Building History