Second Chance Ventures Story...

In April 2015 my husband Danny and the company he worked for for 13 years parted ways.  With this new turn of events we took the time to analyze our life.  We were trying to figure out what we wanted to be when we "grew up".  Over the past two years I had mentioned the "Mole Hole" building in downtown Hartford numerous times and how it needed to be saved.  I thought WE should save it!  Each time I brought it up Danny would look at me like I was insane.  In October 2015 we went on a cruise with some really close friends.  After numerous days and bottles of wine we had Danny convinced to look at the "Mole Hole" building.  Well of course I fell in love.  Danny however was not convinced, so what did we do but look at another building in downtown Hartford, the old pet shop.  Well guess what, I fell in love with it too!  We did a lot of discussing, researching, and sole searching.  We decided to take my love of old buildings, vintage finds, and design and combine it with Danny's desire to go into business for himself and being involved in the revitalization of downtown.  We established Second Chance Ventures LLC.  The name comes from our second chance at a career and a second chance for old buildings.  With our LLC established we jumped in feet first and bought the pet shop building which is called the Hilt building in February 2016 and the Welsch building aka "The Mole Hole" in March 2016.

Our Plans....

We are starting with renovating the Hilt building first.  There will be 2 commercial store fronts on the street level and one in the basement level.  The upper two levels will have 5 fully renovated luxury apartments for rent.  After the Hilt building is done we will tackle  the Welsch building.  That building will have 3 store fronts and 5 fully renovated luxury apartments upstairs.

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