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10 S. Main St./15 E. Sumner – Hilt Building

The Hilt building was erected in 1916 replacing a former two story building.  It was a beautiful imposing three story building on one of Hartford’s finest business blocks according to the newspaper at the time.  The article states that it will house the Jacob Hilt Saloon at the corner entrance, Sumner Eats, R Gehrke barber shop, and GW Chaplin pool and billiards hall. Jacob Hilt occupied a flat on the second floor and the remainder of the second and third floor named the Hilt Hotel were furnished rooms with running water and bath.  The interior provided all of the modern conveniences and no expense was spared in making it up-to-date in every respect according to the article.  The corner store front has been various businesses over the years, Jacob Hilt Saloon (1916-1921), Chaplin & Frank Insurance, Turner Drug Store/Badger Drug Store (1921-1927), Rexall Drugs (1975), Jock Shop (1980-1985), and most recently Lincoln Tropical Fish & Pet. The Sumner Street store front was Sumner Street Eats(1916-1917), Ice Cream Parlor(1919-1920), Princess Café(1920-1931), Hilt Café(1934-1966), B&L Lunch Counter(1967), Kenevah Restaurant(1969), Hartford Vision Center-Schaefer Associates(1972-2002), and currently Artworks Tattoo Parlor.  The basement of this building has been various taverns Chaplin’s Billiards, Steinke’s Tavern, Pat’s Tavern, American Legion Bar, Rathskeller, Beneath the Street, Tryx, and Lombardi’s.